Barbed-Wire Crown

This barbed-wire crown I wear
Is to keep you from getting near
It’s to protect my mind
Protection from all mankind

This invisible fence that you see
Is to safeguard me
And everything I hold dear
From left to right ear

In the library, I’m the closed book
Pages torn from previous looks
The rest of me I’d like to keep
So I hide them in my novels deep

You alone questioned my soul
And checked my fence for one small hole
After that you weren’t done
To remove my crown it took more than one

True trust I never knew
Until you shared a part of “you”
This put a crack in my concrete wall
Causing my thoughts like water to fall

My heart and soul now partly yours
Healing my mental bruises and sores
Though the scars still remain
Reminders imbedded within my brain

Looking within my self in the mirror
My eyes lacking the primordial fear
I now see things in a new light
Without this barbed-wire crown blocking my sight

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