On a crumpled paper
I write with grief-filled pen
So many thoughts in my mind
Where do I begin?

I know for a fact
That I face the world alone
No one wholly understands
I do this on my own

The world is a splinter
Driving itself deeper in
How can I trust the world?
Sleeping with one eye open

My largest conversation
Is the one in my head
But at times even that ends
I still regret what was said

The world is a splinter
One I fear to pull out
Do I really need that pain?
Just to know what life?s about

I know much of the problem
Is my own creation
Sometimes it?s hard to tell
Which is life?s violation

The world is a splinter
Plunged straight through the soul
Slowly rotting me away
Adding yet another hole

Of the person I am
I often grow weary
Through it all
I?ve gained a theory

The world is a splinter
An irritation from within
So many problems it causes
Where do I begin?

  • July 5, 2005