Ups & Downs &…

My life is falling apart
I don’t know from where to start
Everything that I once knew
Finding that none of its true

No solid thought in my head
Nothing but chaos instead
I don’t know what to believe
Back up, give me room to breathe

I want to wake from this dream
Break the lull, let out a scream
Should this feeling I just numb?
To the feeling I succumb

I find no stability
Ups and downs with misery
Is life a problem to solve?
Or should I change my resolve?

So many questions I ask
No answers behind the mask
Yet when I trust someone new
Always hurt by what they knew

I?m just tired of it all
So much since life took the fall
Happy I can’t always be
Life has no such guarantee

So this life I live for you
Bring happiness to the few
My life is no longer mine
What is this? My life is fine..

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