Working Marriage

A hard pit of emotion is lodged in my throat
Far too much to swallow
Disrespect runs through my veins
Contempt fills a heart thats hollow

I run to the place where I can be me
Paper and Lead are always fair
When your darkness keeps me away
Paper and Lead are always there

Tears of disgust lay in my eyes
My vision is in a haze
Your trapped in your own past
Swearing I’m just in a phase

Running back to my Paper and Lead
They talk even better than you
My parents out of necessity
They love me most when I’m most true

A sour drop lands in my palm
Satisfied? I shed a tear
Isn’t it obvious yet?
Why I never let you near?

Paper and Lead soothe me to sleep
When you just won’t listen
So caught up with yourselves
You can barely make a decision

A cruel thought hits me
As I lay in bed
I might not even be here
If Paper was with a different type of lead

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