Used To

I used to skip shale across the canal
I remember how they flew
I used to dream so often
Now, I rarely do

I used to build waterfalls and rivers
Playing God with a bucket
I used to spend all day on the couch
And think nothing of it

I used to smile so freely
It came with such ease
I used to laugh at nothing
I was so easy to please

I used to create a thousand worlds
Always playing the hero
I used to watch time with such interest
It always appeared so slow

I used to think I’d never die
That I’d live forever
I used to think I knew it all
Now, I know so much better

I used to be a kid
A free-spirited child
I used to be so innocent
And let my heart go wild

I used to know the meaning of life
But it got lost in education
I used to think I was ready for this
Now I move on with hesitation

  • July 5, 2005