A jury of my eyes
The charge: Hypocrisy
Finally I confront my lies
The only verdict is guilty

In my cell, I ponder
Why commit the offense?
Why did I wander?
And use such a defense?

I?ve sinned, I realized
Then escaped into twisted belief
I rationalized
To find twisted relief

I thought I was justified
I used my Lord in vain
I took advantage of the Crucified
Ignoring all His pain

I swim in my own guilt
Waiting on my last meal
Has my faith been rebuilt?
Now can I heal?

I make the lonely walk
Ready to meet my Maker
Though Heaven?s gate may have a lock
Since I?ve been the forsaker

Always asking for forgiving
Never changing who I?d be
How did I keep on living?
That?s not what You wanted of me

My double life has become the Chair
Coursing with electricity
My mind lets out one last prayer
Please Lord, accept the sacrifice of me

  • July 5, 2005