I know its not The End
Only intermission
So, why all this uncertainty
Why this indecision?

As the curtain closes
I shed a single tear
Why must it be now
That I face my only fear

The fear of the unknown
Of what is yet to come
With no foreshadowing
Of how the Play is done

I hold there to my seat
My knuckles nearing white
My own soliloquy
Discussing fight or flight

Do I battle my antagonist?
Or do I run away?
Would I miss so much
If I never end the Play?

But I know I can?t run
I must sit here till the end
I already know the irony
Of when you love a friend

So patient I will sit here
Till the show begins anew
I will face my own fear
As I await Act II.

  • July 5, 2005