One Wooden Cross

The rain batters me on my hardened skin
Callouses wettened by blood of my sin

You say you have truth yet your mistaken
Because of some myth, your life you’ve forsaken

I don’t stop my dig to bury one thought
Rain fills the grave as I empty my lot

How did I believe this lie for so long?
For once I am whole, my “other” is gone.

The clouds break above, the rain stops it fall
One part now complete, from the grave I crawl

Inside my dark mind, there’s one ray of light
Purged from my belief, my faith died tonight

Moving the gravel to where it first came
I part of me inhumed, no longer claimed

Reason has replaced the faith in my heart
Reading from the “Word” tore my belief apart

Patting the soil, the ground now replete
I let out a prayer, my task incomplete

Oh, my poor faith, you were once an ally
Due to the truth, I know wish you good bye

Above the grave, I leave one wooden cross
To mark the place where my faith was lost.

  • July 5, 2005