Life’s Checkmate

I walk upon the earthen board
And watch Life’s endless fight
The stone pieces in Life’s game
Both sides: Dark and light
I pass a row of nameless pawns
Fighting in their King’s war
One by one they felt Life’s blade
And we hear their screams no more
A towering rook sits in my way
Time has ravaged its once glory
The creeping moss and fallen bricks
Tell of the bleak story
And then a knight encased in bronze
Both the rider and the steed
He lead countless men to their deaths
And is now immortalized for the deed
I then pass a solemn bishop
Chanting sincere prayers
Giving this game its source of hope
Reminding that God cares
Finally, I reach my dear Queen
My angel of cold stone
The rules of this game unfair
Doomed to live alone
I lie beside her as her King
Succumbing to my fate
Military, Clergy, and Royalty
All succumb to Life’s Checkmate

  • July 5, 2005