Tattered curtains
And a Shattered window
Flattered evils
And a Battered Soul

What do you do when the lights have faded?
When all of your feelings end up dated?
When your entire life you would?ve traded
For just a second to feel whole

Received a gift
But you Believed a lie
Conceived heaven
But you Deceived all

What do you do when you?ve lost your gripping?
When from the world you are always slipping?
When your blood of life is always dripping?
And every step ends in a fall

Tattered Reception
And Shattered Belief
Flattered Conception
And Battered Deceit

What would you do to redeem your soul?
What would you do to grasp it all?
What would you give to make life whole?
What sacrifice to stop the fall?

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