Soul Sestina

I tell my mind in confidence
my thoughts about this life.
This tangible, wonderful, terrible phase
that touches all of us.
I grasp at our intangible soul,
hoping to shine some light.

Consider the ?Old?, that take this all so light
They stroll through the world in confidence.
There’s no naivety in their soul.
They seem to know the shortcuts in life
that evade the rest of us
as we stumble through this phase.

But, think about the infant phase.
The questioning, cautious steps, so light
to the ground, as if every touch is treachorous.
Each one lacks self-confidence
because they are so new to life.
The plight of the ?Young? Soul.

All of this talk of the maturity of the soul,
as if we repeat this phase.
The visceral, incredible, physical life
that is so full of both darkness and light.
The constant betrayal and gain of confidences
are the things that make us

Our experience is our soul.
Our over (and lack of ) confidence
moves us to the next phase.
Be it nothing, pain, a blinding light
or some imagined afterlife.

This current, simple life
touches all of us,
and it bathes us in it’s light.
Educating the soul,
the development phase
asks for our complete confidence.

Still grasping at the transient phase called life,
I didn’t shine any new light on that portion of us
known as the soul. I only revealed my lacking confidence.

  • July 5, 2005