tHe OtHeR part 2

I learned how to lie and forgot how to love
My one defense keeping you from above

You took control so subtle, so smooth
The damage you caused was so hard to soothe

You hurt the ones that I cared about most
How did I ever let you ever get that close?

Your heartlessness made everything worse
Filling my mind with everything perverse

You chiseled away at all that I cared about
Till you made a gap for you to get yourself out

Where was I when you made your escape?
Into my mind, where your evil took shape

You asked me once why I ever cared
In response, I wonder why are you scared?

To hope, to love, to care, and to feel?
To open yourself, have nothing to conceal?

What, no reply, only that hateful glare?
So, what to do now about the body we share?

Time for a peace? As you said before:
You and I are one and nothing more

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