tHe OtHeR

You ask why from your safe little hiding place
You never thought that we would come face to face
You never realized that I was a part of you
Your darker half nestled down by the heart of you
You ignore me, try to forget all that I’m about
Yet I come calling, something you can’t live without
Why be nice, why care, why do you give a damn?
When every word you say gets put on the exam?
Every day your tested, stretched farther still
How can you rely that its part of some higher will?
You take their crap, then smile as they feed you more
Enough of this, you won’t be their little whore
I’m moving to the top, that is where I will stay
You can share, but you will do as I will say
What is this?! This barrier to block me from above
No! How can you stop me? How dare you love!!
You push me down, close the lock, put me away
Back in my hole where there is no light of day
Just you wait, a chance I will have another
You and I are ONE, don’t you see, there is no “other”?

  • July 5, 2005