Weight of a Tear

The weight of a tear, caused by the moment between sorrow and fear.
What draws the droplets down from ebony lashes to the tip of the frown?

That is the answer that I seek, “What brings water from eye to cheek?”
That is the question that plagues us all, “What causes these teardrops to slip and fall?”

The teacher claims, “Its gravity.” While the preacher boasts, “Divinity.”
Neither of these hold a solid case, when you gaze at the eyes on a sad man’s face.

When mother weeps for daughter lost, or husband bellows at a marriage tossed.
The tears they shed show a fate, since each one holds the world in weight.

More than water, they hold a soul. Because of this, they owe gravity a toll.
The weight of grief is clearly there, within the drop is every burden and care.

The weight of a tear can be proven here,
as the droplets fall down from the crook of my eye to the tip of my frown.

  • July 5, 2005