Gift of Understanding

God gave me the gift of understanding
But I didn’t get it for free
He gave me all the tools and the mission
Then the rest was up to me

I learned about rejection,
And I lost all hope
I turned my back on life,
And thought I couldn’t cope.

Something kept me alive back then
I don’t remember what.
I kept a lot to myself,
My door was shut.

I learned about love,
Or should I say the lack of it.
This really kept me closed,
And on trusting I would quit.

Then came an angel
With her arms open wide.
She taught me how to trust again,
And in her I could confide.

I told her what happened,
And everything I’d felt
With this confession,
My wall began to melt.

With trust came a love life,
And my understanding grew.
Now I grasp the reason
For all I went through.

I’ve got to thank God
For a gift so outstanding.
Now I know a purpose
For the gift of understanding.

  • July 5, 2005