Bow to Allah
Find Nirvana
Read the Torah
Reset your Aura

Say your prayers
If He cares
Increase your fears
As Darkness nears

How do you know
Its no placebo
Your life you forgo
Because someone said so

Something you earn on your own accord
Your beliefs bring you closer to the Lord
Every one is different, every person?s is unique
Knock and you’ll find the answers that you seek
Don’t let your doubt close the door
Look at this life, there has to be more?

Why do you pray?
Always His way
Nothing you say
Will change this day

Above all
Standing tall
He sees us crawl
Fighting His squall

Some seek meaning
In Him they’re leaning
While Hes demeaning
Never intervening

Why does any of it seem to matter?
We rebuild our hope, only for it to shatter
Time will always turn your idols to sand
Waiting for a Messiah may get out of hand
In the end, only Heaven may know
What to expect when you let your faith grow

  • July 5, 2005